Welcome to the Pennsylvania Pump Primers



The Pump Primers are mourning the loss of one of our own.  Linn Lightner passed away late Sunday night, December 7, 2014 as the result of injuries sustained in an accident on December 3.  He was visiting his daughter in Michigan at the time and the family set up a web site to keep us all informed of his condition.  Anyone who wishes to view the trail of posts that led to this sad news may register on the site www.caringbridge.org/visit/linnlightner.   Service arrangements will also be posted.





              Our Passion is making history come to life. If you love the fire service or just love history you are more than welcome to join us.  The Pump Primers began in 1975  and are still going strong.  Our 40th Anniversary is coming up so come and join us and have loads of fun.